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GM LS Dry Sump Systems 

The GM small block LS engine is one of the most widely used engine platforms across auto racing due to its simple, lightweight design and high power output. This engine does have limitations though. One critical limitation is the design of the internal oil pump. This engine uses a gerotor-style pump driven by the crankshaft, this is the same for both the wet sump and OEM "dry sump" configurations. A gerotor oil pump works well for a production vehicle for daily street use, as it provides high oil volume at low RPMs and shows a relatively constant oil pressure on the gauge throughout the engine’s OEM RPM range. However, the gerotor pump starts to show its weakness when the engine RPM increases over what the engineers intended, around 6500 RPM. At this speed, the oil is not able to fill the larger swept volume of each pumping cavity fast enough at the inlet of the pump. This causes cavitation that becomes exponentially worse as the RPM increases. The solution to this problem is to remove the internal gerotor oil pump completely and replace it with a true dry sump oiling system that uses a spur gear style oil pressure pump. The pressure section of all Dailey Engineering oil pumps is made of a 9 tooth spur gear with specially designed pump housings that allow the "SP Series" pumps to run over 10000 RPM pump speed without cavitation. Switching over to a dry sump oiling system on your LS engine has many other advantages as well.

Please see our Technical page to explore the advantages of a dry sump system.




Selecting the proper system for your application

Serpentine Belt Position

To select the proper system for your LS application, you need to know which serpentine belt drive position you are using. Configurations are determined by the damper, and there are three commonly used on an OEM LS engine: The Corvette Y-Body, Camaro F-Body, and Z-Body 5th Gen (2010-15) Camaro) / Gen. 4&5 Vortec Truck. Each one will place the drive pulley for the oil pump at a different distance from the front face of the engine block, so it’s critical to know this information before you buy a system. Systems are categorized by damper configuration below.


Click here for damper comparison drawing


Scavenging Capacity

The next consideration will be how much scavenging capacity for the crankcase will be required for your engine and if any additional scavenging sections will be needed for any turbo(s) and/or valve covers.  If the OEM motor mount is to be retained then only the LS Production Right Side system with a 3-stage pump will fit your engine. 


LS Production Right Side System

This system offers excellent oiling capability while generating low to moderate crankcase vacuum. It’s ideal for off-road, street, or crate engine applications. This system comes as a 3-Stage (1 -Pressure, 2-Scavenge) baseline for naturally aspirated applications or with an optional 4-Stage (1-Pressure, 2-Scavenge, 1-Turbo Scavenge) for turbocharged applications. This system will generate up to 12-14 in/HG of vacuum on a naturally aspirated GM crate engine. See our Technical page for information on crankcase vacuum.


LS Race Right Side System

This system is your best option if you are pushing the limits and are trying to get every bit of power from your LS race engine. This system comes as a 5-Stage (1-Pressure, 4-Scavenge) baseline and can generate 16-20 in/Hg on a well-sealed engine. A turbo scavenging section or a larger vacuum section can be added to the pump to make it a 6-Stage. Or, both can be added to make it a 7-Stage.

For high powered road racing applications where oil quality degrades over time due to aeration, an air/oil separator pump option is available to defoam the oil before returning to the oil tank. Keeping pure oil in the oil tank is key to preventing oil pump cavitation and crank bearing issues.   


Pressure Gear Size

There are three different pressure gear size options that are available for the LS systems: 1.050", 1.250", and 1.450". All systems come standard with the 1.250" gear to match the OEM oil flow rate. All systems, except the LS Production Y-Body systems, can be upgraded to the 1.450" pressure gear for a 20% increased flow rate for engines that have added valve train oilers, higher flowing turbos, and/or solid lifters (If using solid lifters they must be restricted to oil flow). All drag race systems can be downsized to the 1.050" pressure gear for decreased power drag generated by the pump, but it is recommended your engine’s oiling demand is well understood before running the smaller gear set.



Oil Pressure  

All LS pumps come with a Standard spring in the oil pressure regulator with a High and Low spring sent with the kit. 

Please see our Technical page for more info on oil pressure.


It is important to note that if the OEM motor mounts are going to be retained then only the LS Production 3-Stage systems will fit your application. All other systems will need either a fabricated motor mount or motor plate.  


Please see our Technical page for more information.    

LS Y-Body Corvette Damper

LS Y-Body Corvette Damper
LS F-Body Damper

LS F-Body Camaro Damper

LS 10-15 Camaro Damper

LS Z-Body 5th Gen Camaro / Gen 3&4 Vortec Truck Damper

LS Dry Sump Accessories

LS Replacement Dry Sump Pumps 

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