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LS Race, Z-Body 5th Gen. Camaro, 5-Stage With Air/Oil Separator

LS Race, Z-Body 5th Gen. Camaro, 5-Stage With Air/Oil Separator

This is a popular dry sump system for GM LS road racing applications. Using Dailey Engineering signature series billet oil pan and 5-stage oil pump with air/oil separator this system was designed to handle high G loads, make moderate crankcase vacuum for light tension rings, maintain constant oil pressure at high RPMs and deaerate the oil before it returns to the oil tank.


Optional Pressure Gear Sizes: See technical page for more info. 

Increased 20%: 1.450"

Standard OEM: 1.250"


This configuration is designed for the Z-Body 5th Gen (2010-15) Camaro) / Gen 4&5 Vortec Truck damper configuration and LS2/LS3 wet sump front timing cover. To install this system on an LS7 style OEM "Dry Sump" engine the front timing cover and timing chain will need to be converted to the wet sump configuration. For more information please see our Technical page.    


*This system will not fit with the OEM motor mount and the A/C compressor will need to be relocated or removed


*A dual scavenge return oil tank must be used with this system


*This system will be assembled per order and will take approximately 3-5 business days before it ships

  • This kit includes the following items

    • Qty 1 - (04-99-2790) OR (04-99-2790-2) - Dailey Engineering SP Series 5-Stage oil pump with Air/Oil Separator  
    • Qty 1 - (20-02-0619-assy) - Dailey Engineering billet T6 6061 dry sump oil pan, LS right side 
    • Qty 1 - (HP-37-90-GW-500) - Dailey Engineering HTD oil pump pulley
    • Qty 2 - (672-8M-20) - HTD oil pump drive belts


    Sold Separately:


    ATI Damper (2010-2015 Camaro, Gen 3&4 Vortec Truck) - $600-$630

    • Qty 1 - (ATI918629) - ATI Damper, 2010-2015 Camaro, 10% underdriven O.D. with (ATI916166) 31 Tooth HTD oil pump drive pulley 


    • Qty 1 - (ATI918628) - ATI Damper, 2010-2015 Camaro, OEM O.D. with (ATI916166) 31 Tooth HTD oil pump drive pulley


    Engine Block Fitting - $70  

    • Qty 1 - (20-02-0600) - Dailey Engineering LS oil feed fitting, 16mm thread to -10 flare
  • Additional Items Needed

    • Oil tank
    • Oil tank breather 
    • Scavenge filter
    • Remote oil filter
    • Vacuum regulator or Breather for the valve cover
    • Plumbing
    • OEM style pan gasket
    • Pan rail hardware 
PriceFrom $5,090.00
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