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Dry sump OIL TANKS

The oil tank serves three main purposes in a dry sump system – it's a reservoir for the oil in the system,  it de-aerates the oil entering the tank, and it vents off all blow-by gasses that have been evacuated out of the engine by the dry sump pump. A tall, small diameter tank with a large breather is ideal for most applications. This will allow for a large column of oil over the pickup and the maximum amount of time for the blowby gasses to separate from the oil. However, tank fitment in the chassis is always an issue, so we offer many different tank size options to meet your needs. We recommend tanks with dual scavenge returns just in case you upgrade to an air/oil separator pump or a dual scavenge return pump in the future. We have the ability to customize the fittings on the ARA1 tanks and/or add a heater bung for an immersion heating element (we recommend a tank heating blanket over an internal heating element due to the oil around the element being overheated and altering its chemistry). If you don't see a fitting configuration that meets your needs below, please contact us and we will help configure a tank that meets your needs.

oil tanks
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