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Standard Series

Roots Style Two Lobe Rotors

Adjustable Pressure Regulator

Optional Air/Oil Separator

Spur Gear Pressure Section

Dailey Engineering Oil Pumps

Dailey Engineering is the leader in dry sump oiling system technology.


Dailey Engineering oil pumps have a number of unique features that ensure optimal performance in the most demanding conditions. Every Dailey Engineering oil pump is designed and manufactured in house using the latest CAD/CAM software. Each part is CNC machined from aerospace billet aluminum and anodized for a durable finish.


Every pump uses a spur gear oil pressure section with a built-in adjustable pressure regulator for optimal oil pressure stability across the entire RPM range of the engine. Each scavenge section uses a roots style two lobe aluminum rotor for maximum pumping displacement resulting in greater crankcase vacuum while maintaining its lightweight.


Dailey Engineering has three lines of oil pumps “Standard Series”, “Classic Series”, and “SP Series”


The “Standard Series” line of dry sump oil pumps are based on the industry standard pump body size, ⅝” drive shaft, and have a typical pump speed of around 50% engine speed.


The “Classic Series” line of dry sump oil pumps are based on the “Standard Series” oil pumps and are the typical industry standard configurations for drag racing. This economical line of pumps has been made possible by using new and efficient manufacturing methods and by producing the parts that make up the classic pumps in large volumes. You don’t have to settle for a spur gear or gerotor style scavenge oil pump for your racing engine. For an economical price, you can have a Dailey Engineering Roots Style Dry Sump Oil Pump built with the same quality and standards as their full line of modularly designed custom dry sump oil pumps.


The “SP Series” line of dry sump oil pumps is Dailey Engineering's revolutionary design that was introduced in 2001 and allows a “Small Pump” with a body size of 2.4″ X 2.7″ to match the flow of their full-size oil pump. Combined with a weight reduction of 33% from the full-size oil pump, they have created a 6 stage oil pump that weighs less than 7 lbs and still outperforms other standard full size pumps on the market today.  This pump is typically running at 80% to 100% engine speed and can safely operate at pump speeds up to 10000 rpm.


Dailey engineering offers hundreds of pump configuration options so if you don't see something that meets your needs on this site please don't hesitate to contact them directly at.    

Standard series
1189-21 Wet Sump1.jpg

Wet Sump Pump

Dailey Engineering single stage wet sump pressure pump. 



Classic Series
classic series
3-Stage Classic.jpg


Dailey Engineering Classic 3-stage pump can be used for dry sump or wet vac applications. 



6-Stage Classic.jpg


Dailey Engineering Classic 6-Stage dry sump pump.



4-Stage Classic.jpg


Dailey Engineering Classic 4-Stage dry sump pump.



Dailey Engineering Classic Series 5 Stag


Dailey Engineering Classic 5-Stage dry sump pump.



SP Series
sp series

Coming Soon

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