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2jz systems

Adjustable Oil Pressure Regulator

Oil Pressure Pump Inlet

7- Stage Drag Race System

Oil Pressure Pump Outlet

Dual Vacuum Scavenge Ports

Dual Vacuum Scavenge Inlets 

Turbo Scavenge Inlet

Low Profile  Billet Oil Pan

-20 High Flow Scavenge Return Manifold

Toyota 2JZ Dry Sump & Wet Sump Systems 

The Toyota 2JZ-GTE is known in the aftermarket world for being robust. It can generate 800+ HP in its stock form by adding aftermarket tuning and increasing the boost to its stock iron block, seven large main bearings, forged crankshaft, fully closed deck, forged connecting rods, and integrated piston squirters.

 This engine does have limitations though. One critical limitation is the design of the internal oil pump. This engine uses a gerotor-style pump driven by the crankshaft. A gerotor oil pump works well for a production vehicle for daily street use because it provides high oil volume at low RPMs and shows a relatively constant oil pressure on the gauge throughout the engine’s OEM RPM range. However, the gerotor pump starts to show it's weakness when the engine RPM increases over what the engineers intended, around 6500-7000 RPM. Above this speed, the oil is not able to fill the larger swept volume of each pumping cavity fast enough at the inlet of the pump. This causes cavitation that becomes exponentially worse as the RPM increases. 


The solution to this problem is to remove the internal gerotor oil pump completely and replace it with a properly designed dry sump or wet sump oiling system that uses a spur gear style oil pressure pump. The pressure section of all Dailey Engineering oil pumps is made of a 9 tooth spur gear with specially designed pump housings that allow the "Standard Series" pumps to be run on engines reaching 11,000 RPM without cavitation. Switching over to a dry sump oiling system on your 2JZ engine has many advantages as well, including the ability to generate crankcase vacuum, oil pressure tunability, increased oil flow for billet aluminum engines, the ability to lower the engine in the chassis,  etc.

Please see our Technical page to explore the advantages of a dry sump system.




Selecting the proper system for your application

2JZ 5-Stage System

This system offers excellent oiling capability while generating a low to moderate crankcase vacuum, around 8-10 in/Hg on a 900 hp engine. It’s ideal for a street car, road racing, or drag racing applications. This system comes standard with a 5-Stage pump (1-Pressure, 1-Turbo Scavenge, 3-Pan Scavenge) and rear accessory drive with 3/8" hex. An optional air/oil separator is available for those who want the added benefit of defoaming the oil before it returns to the oil tank.

2JZ 7-Stage System

This system is your best option if you are pushing the limits and are trying to get every bit of power from your 2JZ race engine. This system comes as a 7-Stage (1-Pressure, 1-Turbo Scavenge, 3-Pan Scavenge, 2-Vacuum Scavenge) with a high flow, -20 A/N, scavenge return manifold to maximize scavenge efficiency. A rear accessory drive option is available to drive a fuel or power steering pump with 3/8" hex. 

Pressure Gear Size

Two different pressure gear size options that are available for the 2JZ systems: 1.200" and 1.400". All systems come standard with the 1.200" gear to match the OEM oil flow rate. All systems can be upgraded to the 1.400" pressure gear for a 20% increased flow rate for engines that have added oilers, higher flowing turbo, and/or using a billet engine block.

Oil Pressure  

All pumps come with a Standard spring in the oil pressure regulator with a High and Low spring sent with the kit. 

Please see our Technical page for more info on oil pressure.

Oil Pan

There are three common oil pan options for the 2JZ race systems: the Standard pan that fits the OEM block using steel rods and can swing up to a 94mm stroke, the Deep pan that fits the OEM block using aluminum rods and/or larger than 94mm stroke, and the Bullet Block pan that was custom made to fit the Bullet billet aluminum blocks.


2JZ A/C System

If you are looking for solid oil pressure at the track but still want to keep the comforts of air conditioning for cruising around town then this is the system for you. This system utilizes Dailey Engineering's high speed "SP Series" 5-Stage dry sump pump  (1-Pressure, 1-Turbo Scavenge, 3-Pan Scavenge) and "Signature Series" low profile billet oil pan.  

2JZ Wet Sump System

If you are looking for all the oil pressure advantages found with the dry sump systems but don't have the budget for one then this is the next best option for keeping your engine alive. This system replaces the OEM gerotor oil pump with a Dailey Engineering "Standard Series" single stage wet sump oil pump.  

2JZ Dry Sump Systems

2JZ Wet Sump Systems

2JZ Accessories

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