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LS Production 3-Stage Right Side
LS Production CP with ARA1
LS Production CP ARA1 Tank Options
LS Filter Mount, 24-04-0600
LS 7-Stage Dry Sump
Wet Sump Oil Pump
5-Stage Classic Manifold -20

Dry Sump Oiling Systems

Designed for your application


Dry Sump Features

For optimum oil pressure stability across the engines entire RPM range

Roots Scavenge Sections

Lower Center of Gravity

A thin oil pan design allows for a lower C.G. resulting in better handling characteristics 

Windage Control

Oil pans are designed to control crankcase windage and isolate the heavier oil particles to be scavenged by the oil pump 

Spur Gear Pressure Section

For optimal crankcase evacuation and higher vacuum generation 

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