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Classic 3-Stage


Dailey Engineering 3-Stage Classic Dry Sump Oil Pump - This pump has two 1.700" roots style scavenge sections and one 1.20" spur gear pressure section. This pump is designed for drag race applications with two scavenge pickups on the oil pan or it can be used as a WetVac pump for those wanting to generate crankcase vacuum on a wet sumped engine by scavenging blowby from the valve covers.

Pump Mounting Positions 

BBC Dragster


The drag race bracket positions the pump low to fit in a dragster chassis. 

BBC Door Car


The door car bracket tucks the pump tight to the block for fitment in a door car chassis. 

SBC Dragster


SBC Door Car


Click on the image to download a full-scale PDF drawing of the pump, print full scale, and cut the pump out to use as a template to see how it will fit on your engine.  Click here to learn how to print full scale.

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