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Classic Series 3-Stage

Classic Series 3-Stage

Dailey Engineering 3-Stage Classic Dry Sump Oil Pump - This pump has two 1.700" roots style scavenge sections and one 1.20" spur gear pressure section. This pump is designed for drag race applications with two scavenge pickups on the oil pan or it can be used as a WetVac pump for those wanting to generate crankcase vacuum on a wet sumped engine by scavenging blowby from the valve covers.


Pump Number Series: 02-99-1325-   


Pump part numbers have a final dash number that depends on what options are chosen. The final part number will be emailed to you along with a final pump drawing once the order is in process.  



    Optional Pressure Gear Sizes: See technical page for more info. 

    Pressure Gear Width: 1.20", 1.00", 0.80"


    Pressure Regulator Spring: See technical page for more info. 

    The pump is assembled with a Standard spring and both a High and Low will come with the kit


    Pressure Inlet Fitting: 

    Fitting Options: -12, -16


    Pressure Outlet Fitting: 

    Fitting Options: -10, -12


    Scavenge Inlet Fittings: 

    Fitting Options: -10, -12


    Scavenge Outlet Fitting: 

    Fitting Options: -12, -16


    Mounting Bracket Options: 

    Small Block Chevy: Door Car, Dragster

    Big Block Chevy: Door Car, Dragster 


    • 1.200" wide pressure housing
    • Two 1.700" Roots-style scavenge sections
    • Integrated pressure regulator
    • 5/8" drive shaft with 3/16" keyway
    • Pump speed is 50% engine speed

    • HTD oil pump pulley assembly 
    • HTD oil pump drive belt
    • Crankshaft drive mandrel with HTD drive pulley
    • Plumbing 
    • Remote oil filter 
    • 75 micron scavenge filter (recommended if the engine is dry sumped)
    • Oil tank (if the engine is dry sumped)
    • Dry sump oil pan (if the engine is dry sumped)
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