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Classic Series 4-Stage

Classic Series 4-Stage

Dailey Engineering 4-Stage Classic Dry Sump Oil Pump - This pump is designed for drag race applications with three scavenge pickups on the oil pan. 


Pump Number Series: 02-99-1240-   


Pump part numbers have a final dash number that depends on what options are chosen. The final part number will be emailed to you along with a final pump drawing once the order is in process.  



    Optional Pressure Gear Sizes: See technical page for more info. 

    Pressure Gear Width: 1.20", 1.00", 0.80"


    Pressure Regulator Spring: See technical page for more info. 

    The pump is assembled with a Standard spring and both a High and Low will come with the kit


    Pressure Inlet Fitting: 

    Fitting Options: -12, -16


    Pressure Outlet Fitting: 

    Fitting Options: -10, -12


    Scavenge Inlet Fittings: 

    Fitting: -12


    Scavenge Outlet Fitting: 

    Fitting: -16


    Mounting Bracket Options: 

    Small Block Chevy: Door Car, Dragster

    Big Block Chevy: Door Car, Dragster 


    • 1.200" wide pressure housing
    • Three 1.700" Roots style scavenge sections
    • Integrated pressure regulator
    • 5/8" drive shaft with 3/16" keyway
    • Pump speed is 50% engine speed

    • HTD oil pump pulley assembly 
    • HTD oil pump drive belt
    • Crankshaft drive mandrel with HTD drive pulley
    • Plumbing 
    • Remote oil filter 
    • 75 micron scavenge filter (recommended)
    • Oil tank
    • Dry sump oil pan
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